1st Edition of the NYC SOUTH AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL & APAP NYC 2013 Showcase

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The first NYC South American Music Festival took place at Zinc Bar on January 14, 2013,  during the APAP NYC conference. The festival celebrates the vibrant new South American scene: music rooted in the folklore from the various countries of South America, as they meet with pop, rock, jazz and a hint of electronica. The actors are young artists from Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile converging in New York City. This is a generation of musicians that has blurred the boundaries between their musical cultures and carved out a renovated identity of the South American diaspora. These ground-breaking artists have been gaining recognition at the national and international levels. Each of them has crafted a distinct sound: whether it is tango with Afro-Peruvian rhythms, Colombian cumbia and mapalé in a big band setting, merengue caraqueño into a hip hop groove, or multi-track vocal grooves over a chacarera, using traditional and native instruments such as the charango, the cuatro, the bombo legüero, the cajón, the gaitas, as well as contemporary and electro-acoustic instruments. The result is substantial, uplifting, poignant and passionate, appealing to traditional and progressive sensibilities alike.

LINE UP: Sofia Rei (Argentina) • Gregorio Uribe (Colombia) • Sofia Tosello (Argentina) • Juancho Herrera (Venezuela)



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